what do you see

is it what you think you see?


If we want to see, as we wander this world, we need to open our eyes and look. But . . . do we see things as they are or as we imagine them to be?

"Because each one of us forgets different things, a photo, more than a painting, may change its meaning according to who is looking at it" - John Berger

These pages present an eclectic collection of image, text and significance, some mine but many by wonderful photographers I've stumbled across. The photos hint at the contents of the various sectors of the site - roam around and enjoy!

the tigerulze gallery

500px - a photo community


My main image portfolio, with over 650 photos and links to many other fine photographers - both amateur and professional.

Art Limited

is there a limit to art?

Another collection but a bit more arty. All of these images have been edited and reworked one way or another. I'm pretty happy with them but compared to other photographers on this site I'm sure I'm just a beginner!


stick with what you know


Flickr's been around a while and since Yahoo sold it to SmugMug has started to develop a more homely feel with shades of art - and even a dark side! Don't worry, my stuff is still innocent.

Vimeo and youtube

fairly little films


Film and video have framed our way of life and to some extent our view of our place in the world. Anyone can be an auteur, especially with your iPhone or Android always at hand. So - let's go to the movies!