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A NEW LOOK FOR 2021 ...

We've been messing around for years now, but finally tigerulze is live again as it was always meant to be ... a "net" with distinct parts - a set of pages named homepage/ imagineer/ textify/ justice and retrospect, which may wander off into sidestreets ... and links to photogalleries, articles by me and others, interesting snippets, poetry, politics and so on ...

...everything here is kinda like life itself - chaotic at first glance, but following a deeper order - just use the menu or the sidebar (when it appears) to ramble around.

About ranting

play the game - but by our rules!


In the not so distant past I ran a site called ranterulze - these are the remnants.

It began like this, as I remembered a kinder, gentler time recalling how youth believed in itself - when we thought we mattered and would prevail. Reading history to imagine how peoples' movements established true democracies, when the world was "Turned Upside Down" by Diggers, Ranters, Levellers, Quakers and Seekers. Recalling too the Paris Commune when hearing of Rojava today. Even though winter is coming, remember the spring of childhood. . .

This is coal ...

A visual poem from Ali Whitelock - "this is coal, don't be afraid"

Ali Whitelock video

Words can be made to mean anything at all. The lips and tongues of power-mad politicians say one thing but mean another. Yet the same words coming from a poet voiced over a simple everyday image, move us in a totally different way.

Hey Ancestor!

Alexis Wright Talking About Invasion Day


There's a lot of uninformed ranting going down right now about "Australia Day" #InvasionDay and #ChangeTheDate. Personally I don't want to "change" the date - I want to understand it and ask why have national days at all? In the interim, consider this contribution from Alexis Wright . . .