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what's it all about

courage is contagious...
written on a wall in Castlemaine... something to remember as we confront our fears

history and ideology

In the English Civil War, the Levellers, Diggers and Ranters all visualised a fairer world that would turn the divine right of kings upside down. They pushed against the tide of tyranny with a degree of success, but eventually succumbed to the unforseen emergence of capitalism. In retrospect we can understand both their success and failures as inevitable because their thinking and world view, their ideology, could not see beyond patriarchy and adherence to authoritarian religion. Human survival today needs to incorporate more than politics and economics, to go way beyond marxism, to include the planet itself, life and learning, patriarchy/testosterone and feminism, and substitute spirituality for religion ...

... what we're trying to do here is link these ideas with action, past present and future.



Tigerulze does not exist. He is a consequence of the post war baby boom when men wore hats, women had babies and children thought the world was wide and new and ready to be explored. He trained as an architect but mostly roamed carefree as a student, worked in Niugini, drove trains and then taught in State schools for 22 years.

The main thing he's learnt is that children are natural-born learners, but that schools don't know this. As Tigerulze he designed websites but thats so old fashioned now when even kids can code. So he makes images and writes text both professional and fictional. Some writing is found either here or there. He agrees that winter is coming, but is not sure what to do about it except that resistance is the key



Ranterulze does not exist either. He is a mere consequence of the 60s and 70s when youngsters thought they mattered enough to actually change the ways of the world. He stood up, briefly, for what was right and fought against conscription, war, imperialism and other types of bullying.

He learnt the hard way that he was privileged simply because he was male and white and therefore had to eat his hat and follow the lead of women, politically, emotionally and intellectualy. He sold radical books, published the works of others and used his limited skill to make a tiny difference either here or there. Knowing that winter is coming he agrees that resistance is key, so long as we understand that Gaia, the planet itself, will continue without us.

We have to change if we want to survive and if we want our grandkids to even live as long as have ...