All Things Pass

Again the longest day was past. The days were getting shorter - it was still barely noticeable but we knew it was happening, this summer too would pass.

Again the day came to an end, again the bright red above the horizon grew pale, the water in the distance kept its colour, but barely, darkness crept up everywhere out of the earth, now the far canal had vanished in the night.

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What's In A Name?

This was our first "blog post" - explaining why we hate calling texts "BLOGS..."

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Officially speaking a blog (n.) is an "online journal," a shortening of weblog, which is to say a "log" published on the world-wide web. A record of observations, opinions etc in a way similar to a ship's log. That word itself was a shortened version (in 1842) of "log book" used at sea since the 17th century.

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