We were told it was a sin to tell a lie, even little ones. God the father was always watching and baby Jesus would be so disappointed in us. Lots of things - even quite nice ones - were sins, and many of course were worse than lying. Smoking, self abuse and sex before marriage for instance. But there was a way out ... you could admit everything by going to the priest in a dark cubicle and whispering bless me father ... So here is my confession.

"To be honest, for me, there is no truth in photography. It's just a perspective. It’s just one angle out of millions of angles that you can show. And I never thought, in my work, I'm going to show the truth. Because the truth for them is different than the truth for me.”

~ Newsha Tavakolian @newshatavakolian on Instagram and here at MSF

In Retrospect

I'm not the man I used to be, for a start my black hair is mostly grey and my baby face no longer smooth. In an ancient paradox Plutarch asked whether Theseus' ship, restored by replacing each and every wooden part during his long journey, was still the same vessel ...

And so it goes with us, each and every cell in our mortal bodies has changed many times since birth. As have our hopes and thoughts, our fears and even our memories themselves. What really happened and how can we be sure?

Tigerulze likes to reflect on the panorama of the past both personal and historical. Writings true and false, photos and other imagery, imagination and memory looking back at each other.

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